Re: HIgh Priority Help!!!!

Try StarOffice if you can download it and your machine has at least 64MB
RAM. It has a spreadsheet that is very similar to MS Excel. I would only use
gnuplot for untilites, not for projects that other people will have to look
at. Gnuplot's output is not "pretty".

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On Sun, 09 Jan 2000 11:25:11 D-Man wrote:
>gnuplot will do the job.
>You could try wine + MS Office, but it is slow and may not work for
>new windows stuff.  (I think it also requires windows to be installed,
>but maybe not)
>| On Tue, 9 Jan 2001, Michael Weichert wrote:
>| > Hello,
>| > 
>| > I am a student, and I have a major project due this Friday (January
>| > and I need to know how to create charts and graphs in Linux. I thought
>| > sure that Gnumeric would do the job but I didn't see an option to
>create a
>| > graph/chart. So, can someone please direct me to a program for GNOME
>| > can create charts/graphs like in Office 2000, or tell me how I can
>| > them in Gnumeric (this would be my preferred direction if possible).

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