Re: HIgh Priority Help!!!!

gnuplot will do the job.

You could try wine + MS Office, but it is slow and may not work for
new windows stuff.  (I think it also requires windows to be installed,
but maybe not)


On Tue, Jan 09, 2001 at 05:12:32PM -0800, James K. Wiggs wrote:
|  Michael,
|    I'd strongly suggest you look at gnuplot and/or guppi.
| best,
| Jim Wiggs
| On Tue, 9 Jan 2001, Michael Weichert wrote:
| > Hello,
| > 
| > I am a student, and I have a major project due this Friday (January 12th)
| > and I need to know how to create charts and graphs in Linux. I thought for
| > sure that Gnumeric would do the job but I didn't see an option to create a
| > graph/chart. So, can someone please direct me to a program for GNOME that
| > can create charts/graphs like in Office 2000, or tell me how I can create
| > them in Gnumeric (this would be my preferred direction if possible).
| > 
| > Thanks a lot, this will mean a lot to me guys (and gals)!
| > 
| > Wizard

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