Re: gnome-hint woes

David Shochat wrote:

> verbose debug so I can find out what exactly the problem with gnome-hint
> is? The failure is totally silent, except for a bizarre little alert
> that comes up now and then referring to something called "Save
> yourself". What is that all about?

In general when the X session is ending, the window manager sends a
message to each app, asking it to quit (save its data, its size/position
and anything else it needs to).  That may be the message you're seeing.
Try a man on your window manager and see if there's anything talking
about this.

> I would try to read the documentation, but another problem is that when
> I try to launch the help system, the help broswer comes up and says at
> the bottom, "reading local file..." and just hangs forever. Ok, so WHAT
> local file is it trying to read? If it would tell me that, maybe I'd
> have some hope for tracking down the problem.

Do you have the truss (trace/strace/sar) command on your system?  If
so, run truss like this:

truss -t open <your app>

with gnome-help or whatever program is opening a file you want to
monitor.  For trace/strace/sar you'll have to read the man page and
find the equivalent flags.

Good luck,

Himanshu Gohel, gohel csee usf edu

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