Re: GNOME/Linux Sound prob...

Hi Robert

When you refer to analog, I assume you are refering to CD Audio or line
inputs or microphone. These can be played back without an intervention
by the CPU (unless you're recording).

If you look at the mixer controls you will see sliders for "PCM" this is
what's used when you play back wav or mp3 files (or anything that's
recorded and stored on your disk).  When you playback sound that's on
your disk or streaming audio, that's when there is actually a transfer
that involves your processor.


Robert Krueger wrote:

> Hi John,
>    Read your reply and this stimulated a basic question.   I've
> installed 7.0 + the updates and the sound works fine with my SB Live!,
> but only analog.   Am I to assume that Linux is not using digital
> audio with release 7.0?
> Thanks,
> Robert
> John Gluck wrote:
>> This happens when the sound priority is too low...
>> In kde there is a way to make the sound more responsive but I don't
>> know what
>> it is in Gnome.
>> I have a 2.4 kernel and don't have any problem playing streaming
>> audio.
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