Rere: i was compiling my kernels for 4 days

	when i looked at the display i saw
a line offering the choice between reboot and halt
saying to click Kboard anywhere,
	then gnome came back and i had this window saying
it couldn't do the save-yourself thing, so i should remove gmc
by clicking OK (i don't know what it is !) ; i tried to cancel
but it wouldn't halt until i said yes.

	yes i was short on diskspace i had done a full install
on a 1,5 G partition. Now, i threw all the games and useless things
i could think of ; now i have about 10% free space.
	My problem is that most of the packages names are chinese
to me : true unix newbie, i don't know what is useless in this avalanche
of software...
	Then should i restart make menu config or do i reinstall
the kernells first. I have no more desktop but everything i can start
from the panel (that is quite anything) works stable (a bit slow
maybe, the system monitor says system and app share surprisingly low
figures of CPU).
	by no desktop i mean a blank screen except the panels -
no Simlink to start file manager as i used to, everything else works,
i guess.

	i don't think i could boot this PPC machine on a floppy
but i have the install CD

At 13:15 -0800 28/12/00, lee wrote:
>you were compiling your kernel for 4 days?
>any possibility you are out of disk space..did you ever do a :
>when you say no you even get to a gui login?
>if not that might be it its happened to me before....
>or you kernel failure issue  might have messed up your kernel so you
>might need toboot from floppy and do some repair work..
>Etienne de Bary wrote:
>>         i was compiling my kernels, for 4 days...
>>         then i had a message "unexpected trap"
>> offering to reboot or halt. i choose halt.
>>         then to quit i had to remove gmc,
>> i had this "no response from the save yourself command"
>> message coming back
> >         When i reboot i have no desktop anymore.

my system is : Distribution: Red Hat Linux, gnome desktop
Distribution Version:          Linux/PPC 2000 Edition Francaise
Operating System Version:      #1 Thu May 27 15:33:50 CDT 1999
Operating System Release:      2.2.6-15apmac
Processor Type:                ppc

	on a PPC 604 Powercomputing hardware

	Etienne de Bary


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