Gnome / Enlightenment with Dual head


I downloaded all the sources for gnome about 2 weeks ago.
I am using enlightenment a my window manager.

I am also running the 2.4-test10 kernel with XFree86 4.01c

Everything is built from sources.

I have enlightenment running and it works with both my monitors attached
to a Matrox G400Max. Each monitor is treated as an individual screen
(not using xinerama).
I don't want to use xinerama because that just stretches the desktop
across the 2 monitors (essentially 1 screen)

I am trying to get a gnome session to start on the second screen and
can't seem to manage to get it to work. The second monitor is always
enlightenment. The first monitor is gnome.

Does anyone have any ideas???


John Gluck

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