Re: propagating desktop settings across accounts and machines

Sure, easy.  Use the skel file mechanism.  This ease of flexibility is why
one would run UNIX over windoze.  What you can do is setup a test user on
your workstation, customize GNOME/X-window-manager to your liking for that
test user.  Once your are happy, you would copy the appropriate files from
that user's ~/.gnome and ~/.x-window-manager to the skel directory
(/etc/skell, or /usr/share/skell).  Then when you create accounts for
students on workstations, they will automatically get a copy of the default
appropriate configs.

But as you mentioned, this could be a nightmare to setup, but it's worth a

Ideally, in a terminal based environment, you'd use something like Kerberos
or NIS authentication and NFS mapped /home file systems.  In this setup, a
user can use any workstation in a cluster and maintain their profile


Leigh Orf wrote:

> I am going to be using Linux (RH 7.0 with Gnome) in the classroom this
> semester. The class is a beginner's how-to-get-started-with-Unix class
> which also focuses on certain weather applications (I'm an atmospheric
> science prof). I want to have each student have identical desktop
> settings when they log in so that key bindings, window managers, and all
> special settings match those of my account.  Basically, the deviations I
> make are not all that earth shattering but I'd hate to have to do them
> all by hand for each account.
> Is there a simple way to clone my desktop settings across several
> accounts? I don't think it's as easy as just copying the dotfile
> directories (~/.gnome*) across accounts. I would like to both propagate
> the settings across different accounts on a given machine, and across
> machines since students will be logging on to one of several terminals.
> Thanks in advance,
> Leigh Orf
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