Re: zvt environment question

What's your login shell?  Most terms's I've seen have a -ls flag/switch
to tell it to spawn the child shell as a "login shell".  If you're
running bash, and you don't have a -ls option for your term, only
~/.bashrc gets sourced, so symlink ~/.bashrc > ~/.bash_profile or
~/.bash_login or drop a line in ~/.bashrc to source whatever else.


Ken Steen wrote:

> I added a zvt terminal to my Gtk+ application.  Everything works fine
> except that if the program is started from the window manager menu or
> from the file manager the title-changed events are not caught.  If I
> start the program from  a shell it works perfectly.  The example
> terminal in the Gnome documentation has the same problem.  Does anyone
> know how to fix this behavior?
> Thanks,
> Ken
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