Re: gnome-terminal "xresources"

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> Subject: Re: gnome-terminal "xresources"
> From: Harry Putnam <reader newsguy com>
> Date: 26 Feb 2001 23:55:23 -0800
> "James W. Haefner" <jhaefner biology usu edu> writes:
> > define SHIFT-UPARROW/DNARROW to do the same in 1 line increments.  In xterm this
> is an
> > easy insert into .Xdefaults, but I can find no analogous methods for
> gnome-terminal.  I
> What are the easy inserts for xterm?
XTerm*Translations: #override \n\
Shift<Key>Up: scroll-back(1,line) \n\
Shift<Key>Down: scroll-forw(1,line) \n\

Then do "xrdb .Xdefaults" of course.

So, you all see how easy it is because xterm is well documented.  How do I do a similar
thing in gnome-terminal?  Is this an issue for gnome, Gtk, or sawfish (my wm)?  Where do I
go from here?

(The above does not work for rxvt apparently because my pre-compiled version of rxvt did
not include the .Xresources option as revealed by "rxvt --help".)


James W. Haefner            
Department of Biology   Email: jhaefner biology usu edu
Utah State University   Voice: 435-797-3553
Logan, UT 84322-5305      Fax: 435-797-1575

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