Re: Desktop icons gone

This keeps happening to me too. I look forward to hearing what people have
to say about how this works, how we can recover from it, and it would be
nice - how we can prevent it from happening in the future.


David Shochat wrote:

> I must have done something that caused the icons for most of the items
> on the desktop (namely Trash, ldp, helixcode, gnotices, gnome, cdrom and
> fd0) to lose their distinctive icons and revert to generic "sheet of
> paper" or folder icons. I tried creating a new user account with an
> empty home directory, and it had all the distinctive icons and slightly
> different names. But I can't figure out what is different between my
> configuration and this new user configuration that would account for
> this. Both seem to have identical .gnome-desktop contents, for example.
> So what determines the actual icons and names for those items? Two of
> the items do have the proper icon on my desktop, namely Bug Report Tool
> and Helix GNOME Update. But I can see how those two are controlled by
> bug-buddy.desktop and helix-update.desktop in .gnome-desktop. How are
> the icons and names for the other things determined? More to the point,
> how do I fix this?
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