Red Carpet on a new system

I want to report my experience using Red Carpet 0.9 on a Red Hat 6.2 System that was installed last week. After installation I downloaded Ximian Gnome and XFce. The only apps I have not installed with RPM are Mozilla 0.8 and RealPlayer. Last night I downloaded Red Carpet. It installed fine. I was already up to date with Gnome, but I ran update with the Red Hat channel, something I haven't been able to do directly from Red Hat in the past because I bought my CD from CheapBytes. It worked beautifully, first letting me know that I needed some packages I hadn't checked in addition to the ones I had, and then downloading and installing them all without any problems at all. Thanks, Ximian and the Red Carpet team, for a great piece of work!

Brett G. Castleberry
bcc9746 garnet acns fsu edu

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