Re: Click to focus, clicking title bar

<quote who="George Farris">

> Try this simple action:
> 1) Open a gnome-terminal window in a workspace.
> 2) Click on any gnome menu, either the foot or top menu bar.
> 3) Click on the background to close the menu.
> 4) Magically your window has now annoyingly lost focus.

But you've given the focus to the panel, and if there's something running on
your root window (ie. Nautilus), you've given the focus to it too.

> Heres another one:
> 4) Work with going back and forth between workspaces.
> 5) Sooner or later the windows you had focused will loose them.

Not sure about this one -> each workspace you jump to should have a focussed

> And yet another one:
> 1) Open 3 or 4 windows on a workspace such as a terminal, gmix and gedit
> 2) Have the terminal have focus
> 3) Switch to gmix and close it.
> 4) Focus should return to the terminal, annoyingly it doesn't

Where is your mouse when you close gmix?

- Jeff

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