Desktop icons gone

I must have done something that caused the icons for most of the items on the desktop (namely Trash, ldp, helixcode, gnotices, gnome, cdrom and fd0) to lose their distinctive icons and revert to generic "sheet of paper" or folder icons. I tried creating a new user account with an empty home directory, and it had all the distinctive icons and slightly different names. But I can't figure out what is different between my configuration and this new user configuration that would account for this. Both seem to have identical .gnome-desktop contents, for example. So what determines the actual icons and names for those items? Two of the items do have the proper icon on my desktop, namely Bug Report Tool and Helix GNOME Update. But I can see how those two are controlled by bug-buddy.desktop and helix-update.desktop in .gnome-desktop. How are the icons and names for the other things determined? More to the point, how do I fix this?

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