Re: Red Carpet 0.9 beta

On Fri, Feb 23, 2001 at 11:14:25AM +1300, Renze de Ruiter wrote:
> On Fri, 23 Feb 2001 11:02:04 Ian Peters wrote:
> > So, we'll try to let Red Carpet be a little more lax about fixing the
> > problems on your system, but that doesn't change the fact that
> > portions of your system are broken.  :-(
> Broken according to whom? Everything I have installed on my box works, and I
> don't think you, Red Carpet, or anyone/anything else has any right to dictate
> to me how I should run my system.
> As you can see, I'm still annoyed.

I'm sorry.

Red Carpet operates according to the rules of the dependency
information encoded in your system database (RPM or dpkg).

So your system is broken according to those who compiled the packages
and explicitly set the dependency information contained therein.

It's entirely possible that your system continues to function without
these dependencies met, ie if you compile libraries on your own and
fail to tell the rpm database about them.

However, how then is Red Carpet supposed to know about them?  The
established mechanism is the RPM database; if the database hasn't been
made aware of these installed packages, it assumes they are not

Letting RC be more lax about resolving dependencies unrelated to the
current transaction will help this problem, but beyond that's it's
really not something we can solve.

I hope this helps explain the situation.

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