Re: Is enlightenment dead?

On Thu, Feb 15, 2001 at 09:51:48PM -0700 or thereabouts, Glenn Valenta wrote:
> I just installed the RH fisher prerelease and after transferring my home
> directory, I noticed that the packages doesn't include enlightenment. I also
> have notice the there has been no activity on the website in a while and there
> is no discussion here on the list.
> Has enlightenment development been redirected or stopped?

Redirected. for links.
I believe (and I don't follow e development, so I may be wrong) that
e is going to include its own file manager and a few other things which
will duplicate stuff in Gnome. Some distributions still (I think) ship
e as the default window manager for Gnome; many ship sawfish instead,
because it's simpler for people not to have both Gnome and the window
manager duplicating lots of stuff.

Plenty of people still use e with Gnome, though :) 

> If so, is there a way to transfer my E preferences and settings over to it's
> replacment?

Well, hmm. RH certainly had a little tool on their 7.0 release which
popped up after an upgrade and said "Beep! You have enlightenment 
defaults. Would you like to transfer those to the appropriate sawfish
defaults?" It was pretty basic, though. If you have customised things
extensively, I am not sure how well it does. I found it by accident 
when I ran Gnome as root, an account on which I hadn't changed anything 
much. (I use a different window manager entirely on my normal account.)

Other distros may have done the same, to ease the transition. I don't

You mention "installed fisher and transferring you home directory". 
How did you transfer the directory? I know it sounds silly, but did
you use a command which would notice all the dot files (.enlightenment,
.gnome/, etc) and include those? If not, perhaps it didn't notice
you had enlightenment settings? 

Or perhaps they didn't include that little tool for the new release. 

I'd also imagine enlightenment is still knocking around somewhere on
the RH beta, if you want that. Perhaps powertools? 

Otherwise, I know sawfish is pretty configurable, although I found
some of the option names a bit technical for me. Never did find out
what a 'window group' was.. :) 


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