Re: Is enlightenment dead?

>From: mawarkus t-online de (Matthias Warkus)

>I'd like to add here that at the moment, a lot of activity is going on
>in the Enlightenment 0.17 CVS. They've started that total rewrite
>they've been talking about for a long time.

Actually, for as long as I've been paying attention, every odd-numbered dot 
release has been a complete rewrite.  But then if you'd tried to read Raster's 
code, you'd understand why ... ;O)  I swear he loses track himself and has to 
start again.

It does mean he can really learn from previous design limitations and work in 
major new features as core to the product, rather than plug-ons, though.  Having 
Imlib2 and Evas sit underneath the whole thing is going to make a *huge* 
difference to those with 3D accelerated graphics cards, without hurting those 
without =O)  By huge, read 50-100 times increase in performance.


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