Re: Gnome SysAdmin Information

On Tue, Feb 13, 2001 at 10:31:43AM -0800 or thereabouts, peck6 llnl gov wrote:
> Hi,
> I trying to figure out how Gnome 2.0 works internaly, e.g. startup,

Well, we haven't got quite as far as Gnome 1.4 yet. For current stuff,
I used to think the only explanation was buried in the depths of has
some details about gnome-config and the /etc files it cares about. I'm
pretty sure this will change for Gnome 2.0, since gconf will handle a
lot of configuration stuff. 

> which files are used, which order the files are accessed,
> configuration issues with Red Hat 7.0.  I also interested in
> restricting the gnome desktop on a per host basis not on a user
> account basis, similar to the way CDE did it.  Does anyone have a
> place they can point me to?

Paul Cooper started the Gnome Adminstration Guide and solicited
contributions. I don't know whether he got any, but his stuff is at 

This reminds me that several people posted suggestions, I faithfully
filed them all away, and have not sent them on to Paul. Perhaps I
should do that :)


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