Re: Is enlightenment dead?

>Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 09:17:08 +0000

>On Thu, Feb 15, 2001 at 09:51:48PM -0700 or thereabouts, Glenn Valenta wrote:
>> Has enlightenment development been redirected or stopped?

>Plenty of people still use e with Gnome, though :) 

Yeah, 0.16.5 was release a while ago as a bugfix, but 0.17 is now in full 
development, mostly in the underpinnings at the moment.  Imlib2 is brilliant, as 
is Evas.  This has all been mentioned recently on slashdot among others, but the 
most recent news is currently at .

And yes, E0.17 includes a file manager as a core part of the window manager.  
It's not reproducing stuff in gnome, it's becoming a shell in it's own right.  
That's like saying Gnome is reproducing stuff in KDE, it's irrelevant what 
another project is doing.  That Enlightenment was chosen as the original WM for 
Gnome was as much because it was already there as anything else.  E predates 
Gnome by quite a way, and many of us only started playing with Gnome because E 
supported it, not the other way around ;O)

Enlightenment will still support the running of Gnome apps, just as it does with 
CDE, KDE and any other X app.  But since sawfish came out, E doesn't have to 
worry too much about being used solely as part of Gnome, and will continue to 
grow on its own again.

Personally I've found the file manager in E far more intuitive to use than gmc 
ever was, and it looks better than what I've seen of the Nautilus work so far.  
But then that's because I prefer the command line to the Windows look-and-feel 
for real work, and I can type into EFM to get stuff done.  It's a horses-for-
courses thing, and personal taste is just that - personal =O}


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