Re: Workspace

pool rhrk uni-kl de (2001-02-14 at 1632.06 +0100):
> I have one workspace, divided in 12 Columns and 1 row. Each of these
> virtual desktops is used for windows to access one specific computer,
> or application. Before logging out, I specify `Save current setup`
> When I log in again all those windows are crammed into the 1st column of
> my workspace, much to my dismay. How can I arrange, that the windows
> are created again in the appropriate virtual desktop.

It seems to be a bug in Sawfish. Sawfish halding of desktops /
workspaces seems to be a bit flaky. Try to upgrade to latest versions,
and if the problem persists, report it as a bug. I have and old
version too, and I hope they have fixed the problem that maps wrong
windows when you move from one desktop to another, changing from
virtual area too (via keycombo or pager).


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