Re: KDE Whiners

Frankly, I fail to see exactly what grounds the KDE group would have to sue
over?  Quite simply, it's advertising at a very precise market.  Is it
illegal?  I don't see how.  Is it clever?  Damn-straight it is.

There is nothing to stop them from doing them same thing so it's not an
"unfair advantage" as far as I can see -- they can do the exact same thing
right?  I think this is an enticing and interesting story.  Surely I'm not
the only one who would like an answer to these questions.  Anyone know a
news source covering this situation?

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> And Tim Hanson <tjhanson home com> gave word to the following thoughts:
> TH>My question is:  Why did Ximian take the ads down??  They should've
> TH>them bigger!
> War Of The Desktops, here we go again... So probably in the end the KDE
> folks are going to sue Ximian, a company that this way obviously spent its
> money in a rather strange way... I am 'happy' to see that the 'community'
> idea of free software / open source developers is still alive and well.
> :((( If that's what will make GNOME 1.4 live, I am happy to be using XFCE
> by now.
> Regards,
> Kris
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