Re: annoying removal problem

At the bottom of every Gnome E-mail, there is a link. Go to it. At the
bottom of the html page you will get there is an option for subscribers to
change their detais. Fill your E-mail address in, and it'll send you to
another page. On that last page there is a link "Forgotten Your Passowrd".
If you click on this, you will be sent your passowrd again. Once you have
received your password, go back to that site and unsubscribe.

I really have you idea why so many people have problems with this?! It's
really straightforward I think, but anyway, I hope this helps ;-)


On Sun, 11 Feb 2001, croc wrote:

> Dear List,
> Sorry about spammin you all but I have to ask how do I unsubscribe from
> this list? I have gone to the webpage for the list but to unsubscribe it
> appears that I need a password. Well yeah, I do have one but its been
> forgotton (doh!). I emailed someone that I thought was in charge of the
> list but I dont seem to have been removed.
> You may ask why do I want to leave. Well the answer is that I had GNOME
> running on my RH6.1 and one day I woke up, logged in, and was told the
> darn panel couldnt start - segmentation fault. I uploaded HELIX - same
> problem. I emailed a guy from GNOME adn we were in discussion on how to
> fix the problem. He was quite helpful but I just decided to rip it all out
> and do a network install of Mandrake 7.2 and now woe-ah! I cant believe
> how much simpler life is. ANd I am now running KDE *boo hiss* but I have
> to tell ya'll it seems far better than gnome :)))))
> Far nicer layout. I am all for the command line but the KDE panel and
> popup menu is very helpful and I can find what I want. It just saves me
> days instead of having to look for that gawd dang command line prompt if I
> want to check something with the system.
> Since installign Drake I now have LICQ, SAMBA, DIVX and AVI and many other
> things working nicely - things i was struggling to get working on RH.
> .........................................
> DEEPLY OBLIGED.                        |
>                                        |
>                                        |
> THANK YOU KINDLY,                      |
>                                        |
> JAS                                    |
> ........................................
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