Re: annoying removal problem

On Sun, Feb 11, 2001 at 11:26:16PM +0200 or thereabouts, croc wrote:
> Sorry about spammin you all but I have to ask how do I unsubscribe from
> this list? I have gone to the webpage for the list but to unsubscribe it
> appears that I need a password. Well yeah, I do have one but its been
> forgotton (doh!). I emailed someone that I thought was in charge of the
> list but I dont seem to have been removed.

If you found the website, have another look. There is a "send password"
option somewhere, for those of us who lose passwords. Right at the
bottom (in Lynx; I forget what it looks like in Mozilla) there is a
"other options including get a reminder of your password" section.
You should also get a monthly reminder of your password. My last one 
was on February 1st, so I imagine the next one is March 1st.

Failing that, I believe you can send an unsubscribe message from your
account at which you're subscribed. I am not sure whether it requires 
a password. This message goes to listname-owner@ and not to listname@ :) 


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