Re: Nautilus problem...

sullivan eazel com (2001-02-02 at 0753.21 -0800):
> There's something mysterious going on with ORBit or OAF that occasionally
> manifests itself as error messages at startup that so far nobody has been
> able to debug. That unpleasant dialog that suggests rebooting as one
> possible cure is a stopgap solution to try to make Nautilus users' lives
> easier until we can figure out exactly what ORBit/OAF horkage is occurring.

A suggestion: what about init 1, init 5 (supposing X mode is in 5)? It
is a bit "rebootish" but it is a lot faster, and most of times it does
what a reboot does: clean the machine state. When an app leaves my
machine in bad state, I try to do that via text console / ssh / magic
sysreq. Of course I would like to have nice apps, but sometimes that
is hard to obtain.

> Everyone at Eazel agrees completely that you shouldn't have to reboot your
> computer to fix problems. We would never intentionally write software that
> requires this.

But you could try other paths. And what is more, demostrating this is
not like other systems. You do not have to lie to users (all machines
can crash, whatever OS they run), but you can show a very different
style of solving things, be it an app crash or a driver change (yep,
user love the "change video driver without rebooting" once they learn
how). ;]



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