Re: Nautilus problem...

There's something mysterious going on with ORBit or OAF that occasionally
manifests itself as error messages at startup that so far nobody has been
able to debug. That unpleasant dialog that suggests rebooting as one
possible cure is a stopgap solution to try to make Nautilus users' lives
easier until we can figure out exactly what ORBit/OAF horkage is occurring.

Everyone at Eazel agrees completely that you shouldn't have to reboot your
computer to fix problems. We would never intentionally write software that
requires this.


on 2/1/01 7:25 PM, Ben FrantzDale at bfrantzdale hmc edu wrote:

> On 01 Feb 2001 21:02:03 +1300, Rob Brown-Bayliss wrote:
>>> Nautilus wouldn't run - so I unistalled it, and then reinstalled it. Now,
>>> everthing works
>> Sounds like you installed some winblows software...    Serious, this is
>> not a troll.
>> I installed the latest release on redhat 7, it does not go, but gave me
>> a message suggesting
>> that it might work if I reboot my PC!
>> Whats going in with the eazel folks?  One of the reasons I switched from
>> windows was the whole reboot/reinstall crap...
> I agree. I think the reason they suggest that is so that you don't have
> to su to root and kill all oafd processies and such... It really should
> be fixed, though. No unix software should make such silly suggestions.
> If they want to be easy to use I'd think they could offer to kill oafd
> for the user if the user gives the rood password... Rebooting is so....
> 2000 ;-)
> --Ben
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