Re: gnome-terminal

Flavio Bruno Leitner wrote:

Hi all,

When I use File/New Terminal, other term appears but can't
accent anymore. The new term can't do "áçãö".
This is a feature or a bug? Exists some fix or workarround for this?

When I do File/New Terminal, I can still generate all ISO 8859-1 characters (such as those above) in the new terminal. It may be relevant for me to explain how I generate accented characters. I have my "Windows" key set to Multi_Key via xmodmap. Here is my .Xmodmap:
keycode 116=Multi_key
(the "Windows" key is 116 on my keyboard). So when I type for example:
<windows> ' a I get á and so forth. This works in gnome-terminal, xterm, emacs, xedit, gedit, and mozilla mail, but *not* in abiword.
-- David

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