Re: glib / Tru64 v.5.0 interaction bug report & workaround

The right place for reporting bugs is,
both for GLib and the GIMP.

(The right mailing list for discussing GTK+ bugs is gtk-devel-list gnome org,
the right mailing list for discussing GIMP bugs can be found

I'm not sure what the right fix for the bug is.

 - We can't change the RTLD_GLOBAL flag in gmodule for GTK+-1.2, since
   we may break existing apps

 - The GIMP can't change module_init to somthing properly
   namespaced without breaking binary compatibility.

For GTK+-2.0, the right thing to probably to add another flag to
gmodule to allow apps to specifically request that modules
be loaded with RTLD_GLOBAL; though this is not without
its own problems.

(On some subset of systems, I've seen the behavior where, if you

 module A depends on
 module B depends on

And you load without RTLD_GLOBAL, then you get too copies of

It's a true portability nightmare, and I'm not going to rule
out a bug here in Tru64, since I don't see any reason why
dlsym, passed in the handle of a module, should load a
symbol from the main executable.


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