gdm: auto-login for cafe/library/kiosk use

  I'm involved in a project, viewable here:
which involves using Gnome as part of Free Software Free Public Access boxen.
We would like to be able to add options to gdm so it would time out eventually
and login a default user, using perhaps gdm.conf options such as:

AutoLoginTimeout 30 [seconds]
AutoLoginUser <user>
AutoLoginPassword <password>

or something like that. This shouldn't be difficult, and I think I could hack
this in, but would like get it into the source-tree if I do so we don't have
to keep running a patched version.

  This hack would also be useful for folks running boxes in safe environments
where they don't want to bother to log in, which I used to do myself using an
inittab entry like this:
4:4:respawn:su - jb -c 'exec xinit'.
Doing it within gdm would be cleaner.



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