Re: Any HTML Editors required?


On 19 Aug 2001 16:09:40 +0200, peerceval wrote:
> > Hey all,
> > 
> >[...] 
> > So what my mail is really about (besides trying to secretly publicize my
> > project) is wether there is really a "market" for an HTML Editor. If so
> > I would continue development (maybe into the Gnome2 platform too). If
> > not, I may just, may just drop the project (it'll really be hard to do
> > that).
> hey;
> [...]

> here the details:
> (1) for gnome/gtk there exists at least too serious html editors which are able to help typing correct html: bluefish and screem

Well I've tried both. Bluefish was kinda what got me started. Its pretty
neat. But its gtk+ only (I wouldn't comment wether that is good or bad

> (2) at least screem has not been updated for a very long time: it seems that it has reached the same state as your project: the work is too hard.

Well I don't know I'm supposed to take it, but I've taken that as a
challenge. Will keep the project alive.

> (3) bluefish is very sophisticated: if your application should have a chance, it should offer more features than that html-editor.
> (4) but that, what's really nescessary for the gnome-world, is a good and sophisticated xml-editor. perhaps you can change your aim by saving the already done work?

I'm still confused if I should do this. Don' know.


Archit Baweja

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