Re: Any HTML Editors required?

On 19 Aug 2001 16:09:40 +0200, peerceval wrote:
> > Hey all,
> > 
> >[...] 
> > So what my mail is really about (besides trying to secretly publicize my
> > project) is wether there is really a "market" for an HTML Editor. If so
> > I would continue development (maybe into the Gnome2 platform too). If
> > not, I may just, may just drop the project (it'll really be hard to do
> > that).
> hey;
> clear answer: yes and no.
> here the details:
> (1) for gnome/gtk there exists at least too serious html editors which are able to help typing correct html: bluefish and screem
> (2) at least screem has not been updated for a very long time: it seems that it has reached the same state as your project: the work is too hard.

screem hasn't been updated for personal reasons, and also because I just
haven't had the time.  It is nothing to do with the work being

(3) bluefish is very sophisticated: if your application should have a chance, it should offer more features than that html-editor.

I seriously doubt you have looked a a feature list of screem and
compared it with bluefish, when you say that bluefish is sophisticated.
Bluefish is a great editor, I just wouldn't call it sophisticated.

To the original poster though, if you are uncertain if you should
continue your own project, consider joining one of the others and
contribute your ideas/code to improve them.


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