Re: move window to another workspace?

Yes I know but when the app under the viewport (VP) appears the window
manager immediately jumps to that app and VP.  I don't want this.  With
workspaces (WS) I can start an app but the window manager won't
automatically jump to that app.  So really for me WS are better but it's
missing the functionality to move apps with the deskguide.

On 01 Aug 2001 21:42:39 -0700, Rich Rudnick wrote:
> On Wed, 01 Aug 2001 20:39:30 George Farris wrote:
> > I never did understand why there was viewports and workspaces.  They are
> > both somewhat limited but would be great if they were merged.
> > 
> > For example. I can move apps between vieports with the deskguide but I
> > can't get an app to start on a different viewport with it automatically
> > changing to that viewport.  On the other hand workspaces are great and I
> > can get an app to start on a different workspace but I can't use the
> > deskguide to move apps between workspaces.  Go figure????
> > 
> > > It works fine moving from viewport to viewport within one workspace, not
> > > between workspaces.
> > > 
> Actually you can set apps to appear on a specific viewport using matched
> windows in sawfish. gnome control center->sawfish->matched windows has a
> placement tab, where you can select the viewport an app will open on.  It
> doesn't work in all cases (tkseti comes to mind) but nearly all apps I've
> tried will go where you want them.

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