Re: GnomeICU first time with non-default server.

Sergei Organov wrote:

I have trouble running gnomeicu on Debian Linux first time. As I'm behind
firewall, I need to specify different server/port for gnomeicu, but the only
way to do it that I've found in manual is through gnomeicu menu. However, I
can't get the menu as gnomeicu just stays waiting for responce from server on
startup and doesn't go further :-( So it seems that to change server/port I
need to run gnomeicu and to run gnomeicu I need to change server/port...

How do I solve this?

Deconfigure your default route, if gnomeicu can reach the server in a couple of minutes, it will stop trying and will accept your input.

Also, you can edit your ~/.gnome/GnomeICU configuration file, search for


and change it to false. This will prevent the initial connect.

Hope this helps.

See you.

Manuel Clos
llanero jazzfree com

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