Re: 4-front OSS and gnome sounds

Ahh Ahh ....
I had the same problem a few times ago. It seems that esd needs alsa in
order to work properly.
But: when configuring esd i saw some oss tests, looking for oss_ioctl()
So, what you might do is :
1 - try to use alsa if your sound card is supported
2 - try to compile your kernel with the oss sound otions in it (not as
3 - there is a librairy from 4-font (liboss.a if i can remember). Make sure
it is in /usr/lib (or it is linked into this directory)
The point is that the oss test during esd configure must be positive.
As my sound card is supported - now - by alsa, I didn't investigate much in
this area.

if this may help ...

Le 2001.04.10 13:23, fheitka attglobal net a écrit :
> I have been unable to get gnome sounds to work.
> I am using the 4-front OSS sound drivers.  I can
> play CDs and esd plays beeps when I start it, but
> no desktop sound work.  Has anyone else had this
> problem?  When I compile *some* gnome apps, they
> seem to assume that alsa is present.   When I delete
> the -lasound from the makefile, the app seems to
> compile fine (without undefined symbols anyway.)
> What are the assumptions gnome makes about sound
> drivers?
> Fred
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