Re: missing guide & lynx : command unknown

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From: Etienne de Bary <edebary club-internet fr>
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Sent: Friday, September 29, 2000 3:45 AM
Subject: missing guide & lynx : command unknown

> hi
> i'm a Linux beginner
> i have installed a CD distribition of LinuxPPC on my Mac
> that's kernel 2.1.15, i guess, with Gnome
> Main problem i have is i misteriously miss the
> Gnome user's guide, let me tell you : no-one needs this more than me.
> for instance, i could not manage to do any install for various reasons,
> and i found a right-button equivalent by chance. I'm exhausted.
> (missing file name is "ghelp:users-guide")
> other exemple : i do kwerty typing when i have an
> azerty kboard (that's underXwindows only)
> i thought i might do a Gnome update online, but my system refuses to
> recognise command "lynx", and i can't face a hand made install.
> no help in FAQ

(Lynx is a text based web browser, btw. It comes with most distributions but
I bet you actually can face a hand made install, or that you can find PPC
packages of it.)

I assume you'r trying to do the magic helix trick with lynx...
If you don't want to get lynx, you should be able to go to
and download the helix installer and use that or just download all of the
packages and install them (I forget what packaging system LinuxPPC uses but
you should have documentation on installing packages somewhere.)

I hope that helps.


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