Has there been any discussion about the future of keymap switching in
Gnome? I'd like to see per-window keymaps so that I can hop more
easily between composing an email in Icelandic and typing commands
in a shell (I never use the Icelandic layout for that--characters
like \/|"':;<>[]{}()_-= are in such awkward places).

It seems to me that this might belong in the window manager, but
even so, there should be co-operation btween the wm and applets like
gkb so the gkb icon may be sync'd without polling. (Either that or
the window manager could draw a flag on the titlebar of the focused

And in the short term, a keyboard shortcut to cycle keymaps would be 
awfully nice. The fact that this isn't already a gkb feature leaves
me wondering if it's perhaps hard for panel applets to monitor the
keyboard globally. Is it?

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