Still No Gnome!

Dear All,
There's no place like gnome but I don't have it. I want it......HELP!
When I changed from RedHat 6 to 6.2 I lost my Gnome.
I currently am using KDE but like Gnome, when I use switch desk I end up with the X window, just grey with an x cursor. When I Ctr-Alt-Bkspc to the console I read the following messages

Gtk-CRITICAL ** : file gtkwidget.c : line 4254 (gtk_widget_push_visual): assertion 'visual !=NULL' failed Gtk-CRITICAL ** : file gtkwidget.c : line 4238 (gtk_widget_push_colormap): assertion 'cmap !=NULL' failed.
Gdk-imlib: Cannot find palette. A palette is required for this mode.
Gdk-CRITICAL** : file gdkwindow.c: line 1406 (gdk_window_get_visual): assertion 'window !=NULL' failed.
Gdk-ERROR ** : X connection ttto :0.0 broken (explicit kill or server shutdown)

I have located the palettes using the find in the file manager.
They are /etc/im_palette.small.pal, /etc/im_palette.tiny.pal, /etc/im_palette.pal.

Is there some way that I can configure the relevant programmes to point to them or can I move them to an appropriate directory.

Or maybe I have to do something more basic. Where can I find a SIMPLE guide to what files Gnome needs, where they need to be and how I configure it?

Please & Thanks
David Peel

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