Re: Some questions.

> Hello

> I beginning to write a gnome application.
> I didn't find a devel list, so I am not sure to be in the good place.
> Is there a gnome devel list ?

Yes there is one, see for subscription

> I have a problem with this application.
> I use a function which works great in a standalone software. 
> But when I include it in my gnome application it does not work !!!
> I found that if I call this function just before the gnome_init it works
> and when I call it just after it doesn't work !!!
> It seems that sscanf doesn't work in the same way when the function is
> called after gnome_init.
> Have you got an idea about my problem?

I can't say much without seeing the source, but it's unlikely that
sscanf works in another way after you called gnome_init.

> Thank you :))

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be able to drive backwards with the handbrake on."
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