Re: CORBA (Gnome) and COM (Win32)

On Thu, 21 Sep 2000, Sergei O . Naumov wrote:

> I am asking the crowd for a little help here. I am now in the process of
> drafting a huge paper with recomendations to high ranking bosses on what
> IT path the company needs to proceed. A part of this report addresses an
> issue on component software architecture. The company now has some custom
> made software that uses COM and functions under Windows. On the other
> hand, there is an alternative way -- to use CORBA and function in Linux
> (and GNOME) environment.
> Does anyone have some good arguments on why CORBA is better than COM ---
> something that I at some point read before.

- Designed for distributed use.
- Works well inter-language (I don't know how COM compares here)
- Vendor-neutral standard
- More open-source implementations and add-ons to choose from

COM may be the right answer if you essentially need something to load
lower-level components from DLLs. It all depends on your requirements, and
since I don't know what they are I will just recommend evaluating
available solutions against them.

-- Elliot
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