Compiling Gnome with ALSA sound support


Quick question (plea for help really :-)

I am compiling Gnome from scratch. Currently, I have the Linux kernel 
2.2.16 configured for ALSA 0.5.8 sound support, and all seems to work 

Upon the long road to compile Gnome, I am hitting problems. The ESD 
appears to compile, but I am hitting problems later on. Specifically, 
compilation of Control-Center-1.2.0 aborts, giving the error

sound-properties.o:in function 'return_esd_samples':
sound-properties.o:(.text+0x18ae):undefined ref to 'esd_sample_getid'
sound-properties.o:(.text+0x18c1):undefined ref to 'esd_sample_free'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status.

Now, I may be being blind, but I can find no Gnome/Alsa FAQ, and the 
posts on these lists regarding Alsa all seem rather dated. Therefore, 
can anyone out there help me to resolve this problem? I really would 
like to get Gnome up and running.

	Phil White.

-- Regards,                   Semper in faecibus sumus
           Man.               sole profundum variat.

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