Re: FW: ANNOUNCE: gnome-print 0.23

* Paul Barnfather (plb clanger9 demon co uk) wrote at 22:33 on 20/09/00:
> > - Fixed the libunicode problem (Michael)
> Do I need to rebuild gnome-libs to pick up libunicode?
> ./configure fails to find libunicode-0.4 for me.
> It seems to check for it with `gnome-config --modversion unicode`,
> which reports "Unknown library `unicode'", even though it
> is installed.

Only the (GNOME) CVS Head libunicode has the '' - and it has
'issues' (a. the spec file doesnt have it so its not installed with the RPMS
b. The does not support it properly so it doesn't get installed).

Someone needs to fix up these issues in libunicode CVS head and then make a
release. Unfortunately, nobody wants to make a new release of libunicode
because it is /already/ deprecated (i.e. we don't want to introduce a new
'temporary' API)


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