Re: FW: ANNOUNCE: gnome-print 0.23

In message <20000920223601 B1809 aucegypt edu>, Ali Abdin writes:

>* Paul Barnfather (plb clanger9 demon co uk) wrote at 22:33 on 20/09/00:
>> > - Fixed the libunicode problem (Michael)

>> Do I need to rebuild gnome-libs to pick up libunicode?

>> ./configure fails to find libunicode-0.4 for me.

>> It seems to check for it with `gnome-config --modversion unicode`,
>> which reports "Unknown library `unicode'", even though it
>> is installed.

>Only the (GNOME) CVS Head libunicode has the '' - and it has
>'issues' (a. the spec file doesnt have it so its not installed with the RPMS
>b. The does not support it properly so it doesn't get installed).

>Someone needs to fix up these issues in libunicode CVS head and then make a
>release. Unfortunately, nobody wants to make a new release of libunicode
>because it is /already/ deprecated (i.e. we don't want to introduce a new
>'temporary' API)

I've already done this:

It's a port of the configuration changes in CVS.  The patch is large, but only
because I'm using newer versions of autoconf/automake, etc.

Also, Lauris released a version of libunicode that has similar fixes:


John GOTTS <jgotts linuxsavvy com>

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