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Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 12:15:08 -0700
From: Ben FrantzDale <bfrantzdale Thuban AC HMC Edu>
To: Shel Johnson <cachemonet yahoo com>, GNOME <gnome-
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Subject: Re: /zip100 in Directory [Newbie]

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From: Shel Johnson <cachemonet yahoo com>
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Subject: /zip100 in Directory [Newbie]

> I installed an internal ZipDrive on my box.. In terminal mode, I can
> and unmount the drive.. But when I use GNOME desktop, I cannot
see the
> /zip100 in the folder directory.. I see /floppy and /cdrom, but no
> /zip100.. can anyone help me??.. thanks again!!

I'm no guru, but you might try adding the following to your

/dev/hdb1(*)   /mnt/zip100    ext2 defaults,user  0  0

(*) assumes your Zipdrive is an IDE device slaved to the first IDE
controller. I presume you know the device name if it's not, since
you know how to mount it yourself.

Then execute mount -a, right click on your desktop, and pick
'Rescan Devices'. This ought to add /mnt/zip100 to your filesystem
tree and put it on your desktop.

Good Luck,

Mart van de Wege

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