Re: /zip100 in Directory [Newbie]

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From: Shel Johnson <cachemonet yahoo com>
To: GNOME <gnome-list gnome org>
Sent: Wednesday, September 20, 2000 4:14 AM
Subject: /zip100 in Directory [Newbie]

> I installed an internal ZipDrive on my box.. In terminal mode, I can mount
> and unmount the drive.. But when I use GNOME desktop, I cannot see the
> /zip100 in the folder directory.. I see /floppy and /cdrom, but no
> /zip100.. can anyone help me??.. thanks again!!

By that do you mean that there's no zip100 dir on your desktop or that, when
you open the file manager, there's no /mnt/zip100?

You should be able to make a link from the desktop to /mnt/zip100 (or
wherever it's mounted) and have things work right.


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