Re: FW: ANNOUNCE: gnome-print 0.23

In message <NEBBJMCMOLMKBCOILEBDOEAFCAAA plb clanger9 demon co uk>, "Paul Barnf
ather" writes:

>> - Fixed the libunicode problem (Michael)

>Do I need to rebuild gnome-libs to pick up libunicode?

>./configure fails to find libunicode-0.4 for me.

>It seems to check for it with `gnome-config --modversion unicode`,
>which reports "Unknown library `unicode'", even though it
>is installed.

libunicode 0.4 is broken.  You will need to apply the following patch:

See also related threads on gnome-devel-list.


John GOTTS <jgotts linuxsavvy com>

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