Nautilus needs Testers!

    Nautilus (the GNOME 1.4 File Manager) will be going through its
second Preview Release in a few weeks. If you've been interested in
getting involved in Nautilus, but aren't a coder and don't know where to
start, joining the Nautilus testing community is a perfect way to make a
marked difference in the project quality.

    The easiest way to get involved right now -- especially if you're
new to testing -- is by helping verify "resolved" bugs, to see whether
they've been truly fixed or not.

    Over 1,000 bugs are unverified, and it's way to much for Eazel's
client testing team (currently consisting of myself ;) to possibly

* Interested in learning more, including a quick Nautilus bug
verification HOWTO? Visit <>. (General
Nautilus information is at <>.)

* Interested in staying up-to-date on Nautilus testing, or perhaps
getting involved later? A mailing list is now being formed to discuss
Nautilus testing issues:

* Want to get involved, but think you'll need help building (or with
anything else?) Drop by #nautilus (, and ask for Carbamide
(Josh Barrow) or Eli.

    Carbamide is a Nautilus build guru, and Eli is also happy to help
with QA/test questions. If we're not around, many other folks are happy
to help, too.

See y'all,

(Nautilus Test Geek)


DISCLAIMER: Building Nautilus outside of is still painfully
primitive. A solution should exist very soon. Right now, building
Nautilus involves building as many as 20 different packages by hand,
depending on your distribution.

    I'll post again when it's ready for, like, normal people ;), but
just wanted to provide advance notice for any interested folks with
strong stomachs and iron wills.

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