problems with latest gnome

Tuesday night, I did a Helix update, accepting all updates, and there are
a couple of problems, now...

When I restarted my gnome desktop, the bg color had gone to black.  So, I
went into the bg config section and the monitor in the preview window
showed it to be red, the color I had it set to before the upgrade.

So, I selected the 'primary color' and set it again to red in the color
selector, and the 'preview monitor' show it as red, but when I applied it,
it was not red.  It turns out, that no matter what color I select, it
looks correct in the preview monitor, but is never the correct color when
applied/ok'd, not even close.  There is no problem with my monitor, it
shows all colors correctly.

Another problem is with the Menu Editor, run as 'root'.  I went to add
'rCalc' to the utilities menu, an program that I never had before, and was
not currently in the 'Utilities' menu.  I filled out all the info for the
new item and did a 'Save'.  It was rejected, with the error message from
the editor saying that I could add that item because the was already an
item with the same name in the menu.  Nope, 'rCalc' wasn't already in the
menu stucture, and previously, it was no problem having duplicate items in
a menu (say, a 'milestone' Mozilla and a nightly build Mozilla).

I don't know what it is with Helix and the menu structure.  Everytime, I
do a Helix auto upgrade something ends up being screwy with the menu
structure.  Usually, an item duplicated or missing, and I go in and fix
it.  This is the first time I have had a problem with the menu editor.

Anybody else having these problems?

Thank you.

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                            - mjbjr beaudesign com -                           
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