Gtk-WARNING + strange behavior

perhaps it is not a good place to put my mail but I will try anyway ;-)
I have Helix gnome installed (over standard mandrake 7.1 Gnome).
My problem is strange behavior of some Gtk apps. When I run eg. Glade (0.59)
first I have some warnings:
Gtk-WARNING: could not find

GnomeUI-Warning: Authentication rejected. Reason: none of auth. protocols are

Then glade runs but it is really hard to use it - the app seems like it "does
not understand" mouse. My left button does not work at all. I can only select
widgets with right one but that's all. Then I have to use keyboard to press
enrter, tabs etc.
There are also other aplications that behaves like glade (ie. any app that I
build with glade...).
Could you please tell me where can I find and/or what is the problem
with those apps?

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