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> Hi Everybuddy.
> I just installed evolution (from rpms on rpmfind from helix).  I had
> problems with using it, but I realize that's why they call it 'alpha'.
> I was wondering about the design of evolution.  IMHO it is better to have
> separate programs handling the separate responsibilities of e-mail,
addresses, and a
> calendar.  I would like to know why Evolution is instead following the
> example of making a large complicated program that is supposed to do
> everything.

Microsoft's products generally are not large complicated programs that are
supposed to do everything. Like MS products, Evolution is componitized. This
gives the user the appearence of one big do it all app but functionality is
carried out by several seperate components that can be reused seperately.

> I'm not trying to start a flame war here.  I just want to start an
> discussion for the purpose of learning and improving our software.
> (BTW, I *hated* Star Office because it tried to do virtually everything
> one massive and cumbersume gui)

Sun is componentizing Star Office (and porting it to use Gnome libraries).
Once that has happened you should be able to do things like read a Star
Office document (or an MS word document I suppose) inside of Evolution just
by evolution loading a Star Office component.


> Thanks for your time.
> -D
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