Re: popup menus clobbered

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Sent: Friday, September 08, 2000 5:35 PM
Subject: popup menus clobbered

> Hi all,
> I think this was posted before, but I can't recall if there was any
> response.
> When I combine GNOME and enlightenment, my GNOME popup menus (the ones
> you get when you click on the background) are replaced by the
> Enlightenment popup menus. Is there any way to remove the enlightenment
> popup menus, or at least to give the GNOME ones priority?
> Thanks in advance...

What you have to do is remove the enlightenment keybindings that are getting
in the way of GMC. You can edit ~/.enlightenment/keybindings.cfg (I think).
There's also a keybindings editor in Enlightenment CVS, I belive.


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