Re: problems with Helix gnome-print-0.20-0_helix_1

No this is on a ppc box. I'll be interested to see how you go. (I've had this
kind of problem before with previous versions of Gnumeric, it seems to be very
sensetive to font problems?)


Larry Johnson wrote:
> Dan Kortschak wrote.
> > Hi, I've just installed Helix Gnome 1.2. When I try to start Gnumeric I get an
> > error that there is no suitable default font. This turns out to be because there
> > is no fontmap file. I have tried to generate one with gnome-font-install to no
> > avail. All the fonts seem to be there (other apps find them). What I'm I doing
> > wrong?
> I'm having exactly the same problem on an Ultra 5 running solaris
> 7.  I've posted a couple of notes on the situation here, but no
> one has had a solution, so I moved on to trying to get gimp
> working.  I've nearly got the gimp problem identified, so I'll
> be turning my attention to gnumeric soon.
> Are you installing on a solaris box?
>                                                 Larry

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