Re: gnome-list digest, Vol 1 #274 - 13 msgs

> From: Archit Baweja <bighead crosswinds net>
> I have RH v6.2, with Helixcode GNOME installed. Now whenever I logged out of
> GNOME, it just showed me a simple dialog with an option of *only* logging out.

Someone has already answered the question about root/user passwords, and I have
another $0.02 to add. I was reading the manual page for shutdown, and I was
wondering what kind of access control mechanisms are used to control
what users can shutdown.

I use GNOME as the GUI for some dumb terminals I have been playing with
(using the Linux Terminal Server Project and I
noticed that when I logout of GNOME on a non-local terminal (e.g. I logged
into GDM over the network using XDMCP), Gnome smartly denies me shutdown/reboot
access from the logout menu, whereas when I am local (like I am now) I
can shutdown/reboot from that dialog with my password.

I wonder if it is possible to allow/disallow local reboot/shutdown and
remote reboot/shutdown based on an access control list or something
similar. It seems this guessing of user permissions breaks sometimes
it shouldn't (such as the situation above).

Am I speaking through my hat here? Does such a device exist?


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